Pipes and Tobacco
and the Search for Condor

Pipe smoking is a pleasure . . . though also a hazard in the eyes (and lungs) of some. For the former, following is a list of my own pipe-related pages and my favorite pipe links.

Update 6 Feb. 2011: Testing a Tim Fuller otherwood pipe, Marblewood.

My Pipe and Tobacco Pages
My design entry in Le Nuvole competition
Anatomy of a pipe A 3D cutaway

The Hunt for Condor
Obtaining Condor Resources by mail and e-mail
Tobacco reviews 1
Reviews 2
Some irreverent reviews
2 pipe cartoons(Originally drawn for Pipe Friendly)

A pipe assortment
Preben Holm
Ben WadeMore Ben Wades
Le Nuvole pipes by Maurizio Tombari
Pipes by Paul Bonaquisti
A few pipes by Mark Tinsky, along with Odin's spear, Practice, and Driftwood, not to mention these five or the beauty of natural briar
Tim Fuller pipes, Flare, Raptor, Coco, Applejack, Adagio, Pawlonia, Bocote, Golden, Box elder, Raven, Sunset, Ripple, and Marblewood
My pipe!
A random assortment
New old pipes

My 3D rendered pipes
Argo: The pipe of UlyssesMy first "natural" texture pipe
Star of FinlandGood photo rendering
Pipe of the axA rough-hewn freehand
Head RansomEgil Skallagrimsson's pipe
Pohjolan tytärA woman's pipe (with jewelry)
Odin's spearA weapon of a pipe
Leonardo Da Vinci's pipeA recently discovered design
The starshipSmoke the universe in style

My 3D AVIs
The smoke ringPohjolan tytär in action

Pipe and Tobacco Links

  • About the first place anyone should stop at is Pipes Web Page, an excellent resource for the pipe smoker (and the odd cigar smokers among you).
  • Another terrific page on pipes is produced by the Organization of Online Pipe Smokers, informally known to its friends as Ooops.
  • For a very personal approach to rating various tobaccos, an excellent site is maintained by Kevin Cook.
  • Happily, the extensive pipe pages of my good friend Antti Kalliokoski are online again.
  • Mark Tinsky is an American pipe designer-maker whose pipes look and smoke beautifully.
  • Over at Park Lane Tobacconist, Paul Bonacquisti and friends sell a wonderous assortment of pipes and tobacco.
  • Smokingpipes.com has an amazing number of pipes and tobacco for sale, as well as a weekly newsletter.
  • Recalling the dynamics and beauty of Preben Holm and Ben Wade, TCFuller Pipes has a superb collection of handmade freehands.
  • The Enzo Medici Smoking Area has beautiful pages, impressive artwork, and an absolutely amazing club.
  • Both a set of pages and a periodical, Pipe Friendly is, well, friendly.
  • In addition to having collected interesting pipes, Al Maloney, in Al's Pipe Pages, has carved his own unique series of pipes.
  • My favorite online tobacconist is James Barber Tobacconists and Cigar Merchants (England).
  • The source of beautiful pipes made by Maurizio Tombari: Le Nuvole (with a newly designed and friendly site, September 2009).
  • Juan Carlos has started the Yahoo Italian Pipes Group (YIPG) for those interested in Italian pipe makers.

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