Something old,
something new,
something highlighted

My pipe collection has tended to branch into unpredictable directions: the odd purchase, the unusual find, or the lucky catch. Sometimes such pipes are thrown away; other times they become a favorite.

My first and favorite Stanwell was purchased over 20 years ago in Kendal, Cumbria. At the time it cost only 5 pounds and has been a remarkable pipe with its incredibly tight grain. The top has become smooth from the residue of smoking, and the shank has cracked (which explains its silver piece); nevertheless, it's the most dependable pipe I have.

Kirsten pipes have developed quite a following; utterly modernistic with its metal parts and screw-on bowl, it smokes easily if a little hot. Check out the Kirsten page or visit one of its true enthusiasts, Chris Esser. Honestly, though, the Kirsten looks like something that Da Vinci would have designed.


I know absolutely nothing about a pipe brand called High Life, except that $40 in this day and age is cheap for a tight grain and a pretty design.

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