Nov. 19, 2007

Tim Fuller: Raven


It can be difficult trying to name a pipe. I examine the pipe for aspects of personality in the wood or shape, and sometimes a straightforward name just isn't there. Other times it is as simple as looking:
Spalted raven

Obviously, the pipe couldn't be called anything other than Raven.

The line comes from the wood being spalted, or having a type of whatever which causes a dark ring in the wood. The Raven's wood is sugar maple, and I've checked out on the web that maple is a good source of spalted wood. On the other hand, I couldn't begin to guess the number of occurrences of a spalted line that would so lend itself to being called a raven.

The pipe itself is a handsome dublin.

Tim Fuller pipe Raven

After a brief photography session, I had two test smokes in it, and the pipe is excellent. I've tested one other maple pipe from Tim - a red maple. If the sugar maple is anything equivalent to the red maple, it should have a long and happy life as a pipe (and it is somewhat lighter than briar is).  

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