February 26, 2008

Tim Fuller: Guanacaste


A friend of Tim Fuller went to Costa Rica and returned with a sampling of guanacaste, which is the national tree of Costa Rica. Guanacaste has characteristics of both a soft and a hardwood and has an incredible grain pattern.

Tim sent me a small guanacaste Dublin to test, and the following photo set is from before I began smoking it. (On my monitor, the pipe is somewht larger than life size.)

Tim Fuller pipe Guanacaste

The grain reminds me of the sun setting behind the ocean, a pattern of dancing light and thin clouds. So I'm calling the guanacaste pipe Sunset.

After fifty smokes in Sunset, I can say that guanacaste is well suited for pipes (with credit to Tim, of course). The wood is not as dense as briar, and could qualify as a good lightweight travel pipe. Or a pleasant smoke at home if you don't feel like having something heavy hanging from your jaw.  

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