August 13, 2006

Tim Fuller: A Golden Pipe


While I enjoy testing various pipes of otherwoods, made by Tim Fuller, occasionally I confess to enjoy relaxing with one of his briar pipes. Now this goes back to the past winter when Tim had his post-Christmas pipe sale. I decided that the pipe, shown below, was particularly handsome and bought it.

The days when I'd smoke a pipe immediately on receipt seem to have flown by. I've had what I've termed a "Golden Pipe" many months before I decided to give it a try. As if one couldn't guess: it broke in excellently.

Three views of a Tim Fuller Golden Pipe

The shape of this particular pipe has caused any number of nomenclature discussions between Tim and me. The two most probable shapes are Rhodesian and bulldog, but I tend to think of it as a freehand. But no matter the name, it's a pleasure to smoke.  

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