The starships

During the last battle off Capella 5, Captain Billings had to engage the superior forces of the Glakians. At the time, subspace battle instructions were rather popular, and both sides had a field day trying to both interpret and interrupt orders. To prepare a surprise, Billings had previously instructed his flotilla to follow his instructions in reverse.

All went according to plan till Captain Billings gave the order, "Open fire!"

Nothing happened, for his crew took him literally at his word and did not fire a single weapon.

However, the Glakians were so taken aback by the brazen flying tactics (and the cursing) that they fled and later sued for peace.

After the battle and his subsequent promotion, Admiral Billings tended to keep a pipe in his mouth and let his first officer give the subspace orders. After all, it was a starship commemorative pipe in his honor.


A wing of starships investigating the Rainbow nebulae.

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