November 14, 2004

Tim Fuller: Adagio


While I don't buy new pipes too often these days, occasionally I am tempted. As a sort of friendship thing, I was checking out Tim Fuller's web pages, and found myself lingering over one particular pipe.

Well, at the same time I received a note from Paypal stating that it was to be a "no fee" day. So prompted, I went ahead and made the purchase: A TCFuller grade 2 (middle class through Tim's rating system).

What had attracted me were all the slow curves: the curve of the pipe itself, the parallel curve along top of the bowl, and the curve of the grain itself as shown in one closeup of the bowl.

Adagio by Tim Fuller

And although a large-bowl pipe, it is quite light, only about two and a half ounces. It fits great in my hand, and as named, Adagio gives a slow, steady smoke, even from the first bowls.  

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