Ben Wade

In the 1970s, if you didn't want a pipe that looked like everyone else's, Ben Wades were purchased: Danish freehands that stood apart, beautifully and elegantly.

Only recently have I found out that the 1970s were a kind of pipe makers' renaissance, but back then in the shops I went into, the freehands were Ben Wades. Unfortunately, the line disappeared many years ago when the originator of the company, Preben Holm, died.

Nevertheless, the Ben Wades are among my favorite pipes, and I suspect the name will live at least in memory for a long time yet to come.  

Ben Wade 1
A small freehand which has kept me company in various countries indoors and out.  

Ben Wade 2a
A pipe with many aspects: The twist is obvious, but what is sandblasted on one side . . .  

Ben Wade 2b
. . . is smooth on the other.  

Ben Wade 3
A standing pipe that is also meant for a long smoke. Convenient for travel and long books.

For more information about Ben Wades, PCCA has an interesting article written by Preben Holm himself.


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