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Lucrezia Borgia
One puff to heaven!

Dating back to the Renaissance of the Borgias, here's a favorite from Lucrezia Borgia's own papers. It is a special aromatic mixture . . . suitable for a wife to give her beloved spouse to see him gain access to those pearly gates.

Lucrezia Borgia tobacco
Vulture tobacco
Vulture, by Laddahim
That dead moment . . .

From high, high above, our special scouts scour the countryside for the finest in dead tobacco. Once spotted, this tobacco is specially treated to impart a unique aroma, typical of carrion in the sun. Lighting a pipe filled with Vulture is a moment you'll never forget.

Royal Yuck, by Dunghill
The laugh's on you

Dunghill scores again with this extravagant tobacco, containing whatever was left over from everything else. Yes, once again the laugh is on you, as you have purchased one more flavor from the bottom of the pile.

Royal Yuck tobacco

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