Irreverent tobacco reviews

Knockout, by Dunghill
Watch those stars!

Gathered from the bottom of the pile for that special moment at the end of the day, Knockout lets everyone know that you smoke Dunghill. Try this superb tobacco and prepare to be knocked out!

Tutti-Frutti, by Corny & Dull
If it's not Corny, it ain't Dull

Tutti-Frutti is another winner from Corny & Dull's collection, including Grandma's Apple Pie, Chocolate Chip Deluxe, Crunchy Oats, Strawberry Shortcake, Potato Chip Supreme, and Vanilla Moose. And if you don't feel like smoking one, you could always eat it for dessert.

Three Tarts
When being bad
makes you feel good

Take those Three Tarts in hand to enjoy a wild and nutty flavor, one of those extraordinary pleasures of life. Just don't let your spouse catch you smoking them.


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