June 26, 2004

Tim Fuller: Applejack


The happy aspect of having a sense of curiosity is knowing a pipe maker who has a sense of curiosity. Tim Fuller has been experimenting with pipes made from different types of wood, and when apple became available, he made a few apple pipes.

Luck walked in when he asked me to find out how well it smokes. And so I came in possession of a particularly good-looking, standing pipe that I named Applejack:

Applejack by Tim Fuller

The most striking aspect of apple wood as a pipe is the relatively open grain. Also, since apple isn't as dense as briar, the pipe although well rounded and some 6.5 inches weighs only slightly over 2 ounces.

Four smokes into Applejack, I can report that the pipe broke in very smoothly and smokes very well. Of course, that could be due to Tim.

If I can get myself organized (which is the greater challenge), I'll try to give updates on how well Applejack does over time.  

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