February 8, 2009

Tim Fuller: Black Locust


I received a pipe made from black locust (with a briar spacer) from Tim Fuller last February. (Yes, it does take me a while to get around to describing a particular pipe.) Subsequently, I have smoked it over a hundred times, and can report that it is a brilliant smoker.

Heck, the pipe is brilliant too, with an incredible grain. For that matter, grain detail is both vertical and horizontal, as shown below.

Tim Fuller pipe Black Locust

Unlike some of the otherwoods that Tim experiments with, black locust (which I've nicknamed Ripple) has darkened significantly, becoming a deep brown, not unlike briar itself. Over the pipe's one-year life, vertical lines tend to emphasize more than the horizontal.

Black locust is more than a suitable candidate for pipe making - as well as for show and display by any pipe smoker.  

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