Feb. 29, 2004

Tim Fuller: Sumerian Raptor


Around the turn of the new year 2004, I received yet another surprise from Tim Fuller: an olivewood pipe. Mind, I never thought of olivewood as being the basis of a pipe, but it is one of the more beautiful pipes that I've seen.

The grain reminds me of the hieroglyphics going back to Sumerian times, the bowl shape reminds me of the massive claw of a raptor, of a dinosaur at least, and that is how it came by its name. For informal discussion with Tim, Raptor is suitable identification.

Sumerian raptor by Tim Fuller

As far as smoking goes, I'm not sure whether olive can compete with briar, but thus far it has lasted about three months with me and innumerable smokes.

Tim Fuller, incidentally, has finally put up his own website, TCFuller Pipes, at which you can admire or purchase any of his handsome freehands.  

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