A guide to my 3D videos,
both AVI and Quicktime

(which were made in Ray Dream Studio)

Each browser has its own oddity for displaying any video, but I think that I've accounted for most of the variations (on both Mac and PC), but since formats keep changing, who knows for sure! The following table lists the links with the proper browser. (And note that the download should be fast, since each video is the only object on the page.)

(newest first)
Net 3+ or IE
Quicktime 4:
PC or Mac
Hyperlane: A star too close to a black hole (rev. 22 Apr. 1997)122K 122K
Maelstrom: Twisting, turning, pulsating light165K 121K
Smoke ring: A ring of translucent smoke drifting from a pipe99K 100K
Burn: A little but devastating forest fire88K80K
Winterscape: Falling snow among strange pines106K 72K


Another Quicktime alternative is my animated Allosaur skull, via Amorphium.

If any of my AVIs doesn't work
(or if it does), please email me,
Contact .

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