Whether your taste runs to Wordsworth, real ale, or fell-walking, Grasmere is a wonderful place to start from. The view below is from the top of Loughrigg (one of the lowest fells) looking northward across the lake of Grasmere into the vale and town itself. It is surrounded by various ridge routes that can take a fell-walker on many divergent paths.

And once in Grasmere the Lake View Country House (center below) is a good starting point, convenient to the Dove (a pub) and many, many fells. That's part of the Fairfield horseshoe in the background, with the orangish light due to a setting sun, after a light rain, and a bit of a rainbow too. In a sense, Grasmere has become too popular, and I usually visit in late autumn. Still, aside from those unfortunates breezing through on a 1-hour coach stop to attack tourist shops, it is a place to be savored.
Lake View Country House

The light here is always changing, and no matter how many times a person returns, new views predominant, during the day as well as during the evening. Walking in weather is also an experience, and Lake District sheep are a prime "decoration" of the fells. A lowland route to the Castlerigg Stone Circle is a pleasure rain or shine.

Then there is the story of my first fellwalk. Or perhaps you might want to look at a brightening sunrise.

Another possibility are particularly misty walks to Calf Crag and Blea Rigg. On a bright day, Calf Crag is also fun.

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