Castlerigg Stone Circle

In the early, early B.C. there were some dreadful wars in old Britain. For instance, after telling Godwin Shovelnose that the summer solstice was on June 21, Harald Moustache was brutally slain. After the island was half depopulated from similar debates, wise folk decided to build stone circles in order to predict solstices, equinoxes, and the weather.

Hey! Two out of three isn't bad in anyone's book.

Stone circles appeared all over England, as it became the in-thing to do. The one at Castlerigg, several miles to the north of Grasmere, is particularly pretty (even if not as complex as Stonehenge) and is set in an open plain with magnificient views in all directions. Nice place for a picnic. Or a sacrifice. Or, if really pressed, a couple of paintings.


In terms of painting, any particular view depends on the painter. And on this particular day I suppose I was feeling somewhat "realistic." (The main action is in the clouds, and, yes, it was raining.)

Castlerigg too

On another day, I was more impressed by the idea of "stone" than anything else. (Yes, it was raining on this day too.)

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