UK Lake District:
A misty day
in December 1998


Update Oct. 2015: While transferring photos (and various files), I came across early scans, and so I'm updating photos to reflect the fact that the web now allows a better-size image.

There is wet mist, dry mist, dark mist, light mist; in brief, every type of weather you can have with sunlight, you can have with mist. On this occasion, it was a progressively darker and thicker mist, the accumulation of several weeks of rain then followed by warmish weather.

the start

At the outset on approaching the Far Easedale valley, everything is veiled in mist, creating a living watercolor.
the trail

Along the upper part of the trail, ghosts abound.
the valley below

The mist stops at about 1200 feet, and fell tops (such as Tarn Crag on the right) become clear while the valley below, including Grasmere, remains hidden.

The way to Calf becomes quite obvious - if somewhat boggy on the approach. All around the fell, the mist approaches as a rough surf.

In the early dusk of a December day, the mist ascends while Sue and I descend, and all the far ridges slowly disappear.

If you're interested in sunny comparisons, the third part of my other set of pages about a Calf Crag walk has nonmist equivalents to the last two photos.

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