Another misty day
in December


It was a choice that day between proceeding up through the Easedale valley to Blea Rigg or taking the longer stroll to High Raise. Mist, rain, and the early sunset meant the relatively shorter walk.
Sour Milk Gill

The fast-paced, continually foaming stream Sour Milk Gill is highly visible upon approach. This view, however, is looking downstream, over one of its waterfalls.
Easedale Tarn

The source of Sour Milk Gill is Easedale Tarn (= lake). In the summer, it is highly desirable to walk into the tarn, though its water (even then) is incredibly cold. Very slippery rocks, too, just inside the water's edge.

After the tarn, the trail dips slightly and twists back and forth till reaching the end of the valley. Progress in the Lake District continues, and there are any number of conveniently placed rocks to avoid the deeper muck.

Easedale valley

At the end of the valley, the trail switches to a steep walk/climb, and Sue and I suddenly found ourselves above the mist line. (That's Tarn Crag over on the left.)
Blea Rigg

On the right-hand side of the Easedale valley, a part of Blea Rigg is being consumed by the mist.
Helm Crag

At the top of Blea Rigg, the trail undulates back and forth across the ridge (either upward to Sergeant Man and High Raise or downward to Silver How and Grasmere, among other directions!). While the mist (and rain) concealed most of the views, there was one final glimpse of Helm Crag, sticking out in the middle of the photo. Helm is an exceedingly popular walk, about 1300 feet tall. It does look rather shorter here.

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