Walking in weather

After a fellwalk, when you finally reach your destination, along top of one of the fells or a ridge route, one can see for miles and miles, to Scotland, to the Irish Sea -- if the day is bright. And even if there are clouds, the brightness can still there and perhaps visibility can be even better.
High Raise 1

On the top of High Raise in November.

But as the Lake District is one of the wettest climates outside the tropics, a walker is just as likely to encounter bad weather. Of course, walking in weather can make an excursion more memorable . . . such as one Sue and I had on Helvellyn.
High Raise

On the top of High Raise in November.

Technical note:  The mist photos need "millions" of colors for best viewing. Also, the background for this series of "Walking in Weather," is taken from a closeup of one of several photos (taken on a clearer day) of wind-blown snow-ice along the top of Helvellyn.

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