As of Nov. 15, 2009, this game has become freeware. Registering doesn't get you anything extra, except if you wish to have my thanks. So you can now download my version of perhaps the oldest board game in the world. Note: I still have to update the fact that this is freeware in various portions of my site.

  Lookoutnow Mancala  
  • 48 stones with individual animation
  • To populate the board, stones are selected at random from a pool of 26 types
  • 4 computer player modes
  • 2-person mode (same computer)
  • Different tones for a new turn (or turn tones off)
  • Choose which player gets remaining stones
  • Decide which player goes first
  • Popup boxes with rules and a brief history
  • Fantasy mancala: The option allows a random distribution of stones at the start of the game
  • Speed setting: A faster speed can be set
  • A learning option: shows numerical totals for cups

The screen shots page includes a comparison between the shareware and registered (now freeware) versions.

The game was written in Flash 5. Note: It does not write to disk; the game can do nothing to your computer except give you a good time.

For the PC, the game runs fine on all my Windows computers, the slowest and oldest being a Pentium 200 MHz (with Windows 95).

For the Mac, it runs fine on my G4 450 MHz in OS 9.2, and since the game plays okay on a 200 MHz PC, a G3 should handle the game. The OS 10.x version is native and runs well on my G4.

For either computer type, the game takes up 640 by 440 pixels of screen space. I'd recommend a display with millions of colors. (The more relative space the game occupies on your screen and the more colors displayed, the prettier the stones look.)

A sound card would be required to be informed of turns by tone.

PC Zip File,
(Win 95 to present)
266K download
Includes the PC game file
and a readme.

Mac Sit for
OS 8.x-9.x
294K download
Mac Sit for
OS 10.x
546K download
Each sit includes the Mac game file
and a readme.

If you have any questions about mancala not covered by this page, the screen shots, or the notes, please contact me.

Nothing to register, nothing to pay, nothing to donate. Enjoy the game.
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