Lookoutnow Paper Ships, version 1.7

Note: Browsers from 2021 or more recent don't allow flash games. Sorry!

Image a pond by which people fold paper ships from their favorite newspapers. The paper ships are then launched to see which is superior. In this game, you control your ship and battle an adversary. The notes page describes the entire game and includes screen shots.

Note: Your ship and flag are blue-gray and the enemy orange. A middistance map appears when two ships are within 640 inches and a closeup map appears within 320 inches.

  23 June 2019: I had written the game over 20 years ago when newspapers were far different. They had journalists and an independent view. Now, alas, the mass media is a controlled media, so the game (not unlike that of wood ships) is centered in a time long past.

12 Dec. 2010: The game is now freeware. Also, the full game is available here (about a 50K extra download for playing online, but I think it's worth it).

Downloadable (freeware) versions for PC, Mac classic, and Mac OSX.

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