Dec. 12, 2010

The game is freeware. Enjoy.

May 23, 2004: Version 3.1

Version 3.1 includes a second course for a total of 36 holes (plus 2 tie-breaker holes). The freeware version includes the whole thing (although in the file it's still called "registered" - so you can call me lazy).

Lookoutnow MiniGOLF

  • Two separate courses for one or two players
  • 18 holes in each course (36-hole total)
  • Course One is straightforward (only a few sandtraps and ponds)
  • Course Two has many and random hazards
  • Plants send ball in a random direction
  • Active bombs, which explode on impact, and time bombs, which explode after a delay
  • Opening and closing gates and moving holes
  • A list (while in play) of the six best games of each course
  • A list of the best scores for a particular hole
  • Bonus hole for finishing under par (one player) or two players finishing even
  • Additional hazards: turtles, alligator, guillotine, dinosaur

Check out the screen shots for an overall view of the game or test out the short online version or the full online version.

The game was written in Flash 5. Note: It does not write to disk; the game can do nothing to your computer except give you a good time.

For the PC, the game runs fine on my Windows 450-MHz Pentium II and 2.8-GHz Pentium 4; it's a tad slower on my 200-MHz Pentium.

For the Mac, it runs fine on my single-processor G4, 450-MHz, in OS 9.2. The OS 10.x version is native (using Flash MX for the save) and runs well on my G4. Note that whereas the OS 10 version runs at the same speed as the PC version, the OS 9 is approximately 20% slower. However, the OS 10 versions also plays at the faster speed in OS 9.

For either computer type, the game takes up 800 by 640 pixels of screen space. I'd recommend a display with millions of colors. (The more relative space the game occupies on your screen and the more colors displayed, the better the game looks.)

A sound card lets you hear the whosh of hitting the ball or the explosions, for example, of hitting a bomb.

Freeware Download Version 3.1
PC Zip File,
(Win 95 to present)
319K download
Includes the PC game file
and a readme.

Mac Sit for
OS 8.x-9.x
345K download
Mac Sit for
OS 10.x
596K download
Each sit includes the Mac game file
and a readme.

If you have any questions about the game not covered by this page, the screen shots, or the notes, please contact me.

Nothing to register, nothing to pay, nothing to donate. Enjoy the game.

Play the reduced version or the full version of
18-hole MiniGOLF online

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