Screen shots
from version 3.2,
shareware for PC & Mac,
Aug. 24, 2002
  Lookoutnow Mancala

  The following screens (shown at one quarter actual size) also compares the registered and shareware versions; however the game is now freeware. The former registered version shots are on the left, the former unregistered on the right. Everyone has free access to what was the registered version.

Note: Version 3.7 (July 2008) is somewhat different: The options have numbers, and there are two more of them. For viewing ease, only one text screen is shown at a time.

Note 2: As of Nov. 15, 2009, this game has become freeware.

The opening options page is identical in both versions except for the extra learning mode in the lower right of the first image. You also have access to three text boxes on rules, about the game, and a very brief history. The boxes open and close by clicking on the appropriate button.

The options you set here persist throughout the game session. (Of course, you can change them between games if you want.)

Opening screen   Opening screen with text boxes showing
After choosing the options you prefer, you go directly to the game board, for which 48 stones are distributed 4 stones to a cup. For this opening distribution, I kept the stones to particular confines, but as the game progresses, stones go into random positions into a cup.

On the left, the registered version shows more variety with its larger pool of stone types. However, both versions look very attractive, especially at life size.

Board layout   Board layout
This next screen repeats and doesn't repeat the above shot. Each game has its own random stone placement, so one has different colors in different places. If you don't like a particular color assortment, start over again. It will be different.
Board layout   Board layout
The rules are always accessible during a game, and you can start over whenever you wish.
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