Dec. 12, 2010

The game is freeware. Enjoy.

Imagine folding pages from a newspaper or magazine into a paper ship. Such a ship would have the characteristics of its parent paper. This game, played in terms of eighteenth-century sailing ships, is your opportunity to test one paper against another. You can sail a favorite to send another "newspaper" ship to the bottom of the ocean.

From here you can download the freeware version.

  Lookoutnow Paper Ships  
  • 16, including 2 that fire torpedoes (PS PCMagazine and PS NationalReview)
  • The same ship type can be both your ship and the enemy's
  • Ships vary from 100-gun ship of the line to 14-gun sloop
  • 5 computer IQ modes
  • 3 active map screens: overall view, within 640 inches, and within 320 inches
  • Cannon, hit, and collision sounds
  • Port and starboard broadsides timed independently
  • Broadsides can be tight, normal, or open
  • Ship directory of all 16 ships
  • Popup help screen
  • No time limitation
The screen shots page has notes on game play.

  It comes down to this: Whether you swear by or at the New York Times, National Review, Al Jazeera, or the Guardian, this game is your chance to show that your favorite paper is truly better than the competition is.

The game was written in Flash 5. Note: It does not write to disk; the game can do nothing to your computer except give you a good time.

For the PC, the game runs great on my Windows P4 or on 450-MHz Pentium II; it's a tad too slow on my 200-MHz Pentium.

For the Mac, it runs fine on my single-processor G4, 450-MHz, in OS 9.2. The OS 10.x version is native and runs well on my G4.

For either computer type, the game takes up 800 by 640 pixels of screen space. I'd recommend a display with millions of colors. (The more relative space the game occupies on your screen and the more colors displayed, the better the game looks.)

A sound card lets you hear the cannons, the shells tearing through paper, and the plops of misses splashing in the water.

DOWNLOAD Version 1.7
PC Zip File,
(Win 95 to present)
291K download
Includes the PC game file
and a readme.

Mac Sit for
OS 8.x-9.x
322K download
Mac Sit for
OS 10.x
572K download
Each sit includes the Mac game file
and a readme.

If you have any questions about the game not covered by this page, the screen shots, or the notes, please contact me.

Nothing to register, nothing to pay, nothing to donate. Enjoy the game.

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