Walking in weather: 2

Helvellyn, several miles to the northeast of Grasmere, is one of the most popular fells in the Lake District. Long and broad the mountain actually comprises several peaks, so that a person can have, after nearly 3000 feet of ascent, a bouncy walk with many views along the ridges, till you're ready to come down and and visit a pub.

Toward the north, the November sky was closing in rather rapidly, but toward the south (and our hiking direction of Grasmere) everything looked promising; it was only a question of from which direction was the weather approaching.

Helvellyn 1

Even from the outset of the walk, the northern fells were vanishing.

Helvellyn 2

The snowline becomes visible along the shoulder.

Helvellyn 3

There are occasional jokes about the number of cairns along Helvellyn. Under a very heavy snow, they could become invisible.

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