Lookoutnow MiniGOLF Sampler,
version 1.2d
PC or Mac
A Flash Game

Freeware (noncommercial usage): 6 holes plus bonus hole

  • The PC minigolf comes as a zip file (257K) including the Flash projector (or exe) file for a standalone game and a read-me file. It unzips into its own folder.
    The game has been tested in Win ME and 95, and so should run fine in anything Windows has thrown in since 95.

  • Click to download Mac minigolf (287K), a stuffed file. Stuffit will conver the file into its own folder (game and readme).
    I've tested it extensively on OS 9.2, and a Flash projector should run on version 8.1 or later. Anyone out there want to see the game for OS X?
If you enjoy the download, consider the newer version 36 Holes Plus, which is also freeware. Note that this title also has versions for Windows, OS10.x, and OS9.x.

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