CWC Releases
that I've photographed
Jan. 22, 2023

Robin Graboski releasing Zeus, 2016

This page lists - in reverse chronological order - a very, very small sampling of Centre Wildlife Care (CWC) releases, but it represents the ones that I've been privileged to photograph. And I sincerely thank Robyn Graboski, director of CWC, for having me along on those.

Bob, a barred owl
On May 19, I photographed the release of a barred owl, Bob, who had a talent for evasion.
Athena, juvenile bald eagle
On January 15 - the tenth year anniversary of my photographing CWC releases - it was the turn for Athena, a first-year bald eagle, to be released into the wilds of Pennsylvania.

Eirik, juvenile bald eagle
On September 15, I photographed the release of the juvenile bald eagle, Eirik, who turned out to be a remarkably strong flyer.
Another amazing day: I had the wonderful moment of watching/photographing CWC releasing a bobcat back into the wild.

Brenda, bald eagle
October 1 was an amazing day: CWC released two bald eagles at the same time. Brenda (a juvenile) came out of her crate first, and Starr (a 4-year-old) followed shortly thereafter.
Lucky, bald eagle
Lucky, the bald eagle, had any number of mishaps, but with people and CWC helping her recovery, Lucky had a strong release flight.

Mercury, golden eagle
Any year that has the release of a golden eagle, such as Mercury in January, is a good year.

St. Nick, snowy owl
It will be a December that I'll always remember: Photographing St. Nick, the snowy owl being returned to the wild.
Legs, great blue heron
November arrived with a change of pace: the release of a great blue heron, who I nicknamed Legs.
Phoenix, bald eagle
In March came the release of Phoenix, another juvenile bald eagle for whom CWC has given a second chance.
Ronny, bald eagle
In February, CWC released a three-year-old bald eagle, who I named Ronny.

Zeus, golden eagle
Toward the end of January was my first occasion to photograph the release of a golden eagle, Zeus, who was quite magnificent.
Teddy, bald eagle
January 2016 started strong with the release of Teddy, an immature bald eagle.

Lana, bald eagle
October 2015 saw the release of Lana, an immature bald eagle.

Saw-whet owl
April 21 was a busy day: three releases! The third release was of a tiny saw-whet owl.
Short-tailed shrew
The second release was, for me, an unusual one: a short-tailed shrew. Honestly, I should have had a macro lens with me.
Owlet, great horned
The first release of April 21 involved returning two great-horned owlets back to a homemade nest. First, the nest was placed in the tree from which the owlets fell.
Red-necked grebe
Small bird challenges on the edge of a pond continued in February, with the release of a red-necked grebe and a ruddy duck.
2 horned grebes
In February 2014, I had a change-of-pace photo session with the release of smaller birds: a pair of immature horned grebes. Maneuvering by the edge of a pond to get a good angle is a challenge.

Xena, bald eagle
My second photo session, in February, for a release was with Xena, a female bald eagle. I thought, wow! two bald eagles releases in one year.
Canace, bald eagle
Canace the bald eagle was the first-ever release I had photographed, in January, and I have him on two pages: release and first flight.

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