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A Bobcat
April 12, 2021


In cooperation with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, a bobcat was released in central Pennsylvania by Robyn Graboski, director of Centre Wildlife Care (CWC).

From Robyn on April 8:

    This gorgeous female bobcat is in care at Centre Wildlife Care after being hit by a car. A huge shout out to the Pennsylvania Game Commission for catching her and bringing her to us, and to Dr. Shapira from Straley Veterinary Associates for treating her. Wildlife rehab takes a village! She is improving by the day, and is already eating and growling at us.
Happily, by April 12, the bobcat was ready to be released.

Robyn Graboski and traveling companion bobcat.
Robyn and bobcat

At the release site, Wildlife Management Supervisor Justin Vreeland ever so carefully opened the crate.
Crate opened

I and perhaps everyone expected the bobcat to vanish in a whoosh; however, nothing happened. Despite encouragement, the bobcat stayed where she was.

Justin tried tilting the crate. That worked somewhat, but wasn't sufficient to encourage the bobcat to leave.

Crate tilted

With great caution, Justin and Robyn worked around the crate to remove all the screws until Justin could remove the crate top. The bobcat seemed somewhat annoyed by these efforts.
Crate top removed

With the top gone, the bobcat decided it was time to leave.
Bobcat prepares

This, the previous, and the next photo occurred within a second of each other. That bobcat was fast!
Bobcat action

The bobcat leaped her way into the underbrush, crossed a stream, ran up and down a tree, and then disappeared from sight. A successful release!
Bobcat leaps

What can I say except it was wonderful being there and watching/photographing all this. .

On Facebook there is a 18-photo album covering the release more thoroughly. You don't have to be an FB member to see the album on the CWC public page.

Note 1: My list of CWC releases that I've photographed.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K3, with the SMC-FA 50mm f/1.4 lens, for my photos, taken on April 12, 2021.

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