Tiny Scoiattolo Jr.
A merry little gray squirrel
December 17, 2007


Gray squirrels are gray squirrels. Usually. Pretty much. But not always. Every so often, a gray squirrel comes along that makes an enormous difference.

Such a squirrel is Tiny Scoialotto Jr.

Can I come in?

There are three possible interpretations to the above photo: (1) the little squirrel wants to explore indoors (after all, it is cold outside); (2) the weather proofing on the door is meant to be eaten; or (3) you left your critter food cup outside - it's empty, and I'm hungry, so how 'bout some attention?

Personally, I wouldn't want to choose which alternative. But I did put additional food outside.

Tiny is one of the smallest gray squirrels that I've seen at home in the wild (or semiwild). She received the additional name "Scoiattolo" via a good friend, Squirrelmomma, who always answers my squirrel questions.

Back to Tiny Scoiattolo: She is everywhere. She shifts from feeding area to feeding area at a moment's notice. In the first few days of December, it was all very new to Tiny; but she seemed to discover the seedtray rather quickly.

Tiny Scoiattolo in the seedtray

If there is a rule to wildlife, it is that wherever there are small squirrels, there are bigger squirrels that would prefer the same food.

In a danger situation, the smaller squirrel jumps out of the tray and runs away. Tiny, as may be expected, found a unique solution. She hid under the tray.

Tiny Scoiattolo under the seedtray

One of the terrors of animal life around the feed area is the presence of hawks. Blue jays generally give the first alarm call that sends all the other birds and animals running.

At first, Tiny Scoiattolo was the last to react to a danger call. I was relieved when she learned to hide. Below she's in the safety of a snow bunker.

Tiny Scoiattolo under cover

On the whole, despite larger squirrels and hawks, Tiny is having a blast. She finds her own unique solution to any particular situation, as in the best way to tackle an ear of corn.
Tiny Sciattolo on top of the world

Tiny's playmate is called Sibling, who is only slightly larger than Tiny is. Watching them chase each other along thin, narrow branches is both exciting and heart-stopping. I keep telling myself, It's all in good fun.

Photo note: I used a Pentax *ist D, with the SMC-A* 200mm macro lens for these photos, which were taken in December 2007.  

Gray squirrels: Introduction, Corn drama, and Stretch

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