Gray Squirrels
A Furry Joie de Vivre
October 29, 2006


A gray squirrel is inherently beautiful, with a long glorious tail.
Gray squirrel and magnificent tail

For me, the most impressive characteristic of gray squirrels is their sense of creative play. For instance, suppose a gray squirrel encounters an interesting twig . . .
Gray squirrel and squirrel-size pole

The next moment and there's a whirling squirrel.
Gray squirrel twirl

If a gray tires of twirling, there's the fun of jumping straight up.
Gray squirrel leap
If one squirrel equals a good time, then two squirrels lead to a merry dance.
Gray squirrels dancing

Fun and games can tire anyone, and this gray is enjoying a quiet nosh.
Gray squirrel quiet time
Gray squirrels are active all winter, which is a good reason for giving them some critter food, one of the more inexpensive forms of entertainment possible at State College or anywhere.

Photo note: I used a Pentax *ist D, with either the SMC-A* 200mm or 300mm lens for these photos, which were taken over the past year.  

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