Gone with the Corn
The Trials of Rhett Gray Squirrel
- A Story in Three Scenes -
January 1, 2007

This page is dedicated to Squirrelmama, who not only introduced me to the joy of gray squirrels but gave me the title (and the highlight of the story).


While sitting and nibbling, Rhett thought about the source of his corn.
Rhett gray squirrel thinking

Should he continue to hang around the common corncobs in the neighborhood? Or was there something more to life?
Rhett hanging around
What about Scarlet Corncob? Wasn't there that something special about her?

Yes, he could no longer deny it. Rhett had to have Scarlet.
Rhett and his true love Scarlet Corncob
After a brief and intense relationship, however, Rhett continued on his way through the forest. There was no holding him to any one corncob.


Photo note: I used a Pentax *ist D, with the SMC-A* 200mm macro lens for these photos, which were taken in December 2006.  

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