The Gray Squirrel Stretch
A Demonstration
February 25, 2007


Why does this State College gray squirrel look so relaxed while eating a piece of corn?
Gray squirrel after exercise

The answer is that the gray has been exercising.

Here we have a demonstration of the basic horizontal stretch.

The gray squirrel horizontal stretch

Next, the gray shows off a superior hanging stretch.
Gray squirrel hanging stretch
The final workout of the morning involved variations of vertical stretching.

I call this particular stretch "ultra."
Gray squirrel ultra stretch
Wouldn't it be fun to have the dexterity of a gray squirrel?

Photo note: I used a Pentax *ist D, with either the SMC-A* 300mm lens for these photos, which were taken today, February 25, 2007.  

Gray squirrels: Introduction and Corn drama

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