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April 11, 2009



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  The Working K-9 Association of Central Pennsylvania (WKACP) is a volunteer group involved in finding and rescuing people. Its members are highly skilled, and they came to Wild About Animals with several talented dogs (bloodhounds, an Australian shepherd, etc.).

WKACP exhibit, with Kris Hopkins on the left
  The WKACP had an excellent program demonstrating the abilities of its different dogs. The following shows Dianne Thees and bloodhound in a mutual hug.

Dianne Thees and bloodhound
After the program, I spoke for a little while to Mike Thees (Dianne's husband). Both Dianne and Mike have bloodhounds (Noah and Luke).

Mike Thees and bloodhound
  Here, Mike is showing a size comparison between his foot and his bloodhound's paw.

Foot and paw
  I'm not sure whether this is Noah or Luke, but what a handsome face!

Bloodhound portrait

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