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April 11, 2009



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  Wildlife rehabbers consist of a small number of people who are licensed by state to care for wild animals. The purpose of the annual Wild About Animals exhibition is to raise money to that end. Hawks, deer, squirrels, geese - you name it - wildlife has a tough time these days, and thank goodness there are people who devote so many hours in nursing orphaned, injured, sick, and displaced wild animals for the purpose of releasing them back into the wild.

Thus the first exhibit on entering the arena is Centre Wildlife Care (CWC).

CWC exhibit
  Among the several animals brought to the arena are a leucistic (almost albino) robin and Sammy the tiny saw-whet owl.

Leucistic robin and Sammy the tiny Saw-whet owl
  Among items for sale by CWC were hand-puppets and posters.

CWC poster sale
Robyn Graboski, the founder and director of CWC, was tireless in making the rounds of the arena.

Robyn Graboski (right)
  Of course, no matter how busy Robyn was that day, she too had time to hold a rooster.

Robyn Graboski and rooster
  Wild About Animals was fortunate in having another wildlife organization, Skye's Spirit Wildlife Rehabiliation Center.

Skye's Spirit Wildlife Rehabiliation Center exhibit
  Skye's Spirit brought along a barred owl and a bobcat and various pamphlets.

Skye's Spirit exhibit and barred owl

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