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Karl Striedieck, Falconer
April 11, 2009



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  Karl Striedieck is a remarkable person who has any number of achievements to his credit, including being a world-record-holding glider pilot, but I know him best as a falconer.

For about the past fifteen years, Karl catches an immature red-tailed hawk in the autumn, helps teach the hawk to hunt, and releases the hawk in the spring. Considering that only about one out of four red-tailed hawks survive its first year, Karl is making a significant contribution to keeping wildlife thriving.

At Wild About Animals, Karl was always surrounded by people admiring Zoey, who was his red-tailed hawk of the winter.

Karl Striedieck and Zoey
  Although the following photo wasn't taken inside the arena, it became part of Karl's poster on falconry. Zoey was photographed while applying breaks when returning to land on Karl's wrist.

Zoey flying back to Karl
  The final photo wasn't part of Wild About Animals but does show something of falconry: How to give a hawk a drink.

Karl giving Zoey a drink
  Karl released Zoey back into the wild the day after the Wild About Animals exhibition.  

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