Dry Fork Canyon (Vernal, Utah)
McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs
Lower Gallery: Whimsical Artwork

  An artist at rest or in contentment will produce atypical flights of imagination. Such flights are amply shown along Dry Fork.
Boy with balloon

A child with new balloon? Note: The guy behind the circle is considered to be holding a shield. I don't believe any such shields have been found among the artifacts left behind. It is easier (for me) to believe that it represents the sun or moon.

Some of the shapes defy description. However, good artwork can also defy description.
Plain happy

Whatever it is, "it" is very, very happy.

And then it is impossible to resist describing artwork in terms of contemporary knowledge.
Rocky and Bullwinkle

Here's proof. Rocky and Bulwinkle don't hale from Minnesota but from Utah!

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