Dry Fork Canyon (Vernal, Utah)
McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs
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  Although the panels along the canyon walls are referred to as Fremont artwork, such artwork is characterized by folks with trapezoidal bodies. There are many variations, and some could be either late additions or examples of prehistoric graffiti. For instance, Nine Mile Canyon is considered a prime example from the Fremont; the canyon includes a pictoglyph of a cowboy and a horse, which is an impossibility given the 1350 expiration date of the Fremont.

With that in mind, consider the very decorated rockface:
The wild bunch

The assortment of characters includes a Rorschach test as well as a flying saucer (in the lower right hand corner). (Perhaps I should add that I'm joking about the flying saucer?)

Artistically speaking, a style defines an artist as much as an artist defines a style. One can almost identify an individual by the type of work he or she does. It is also fun to recognize something completely atypical.
The chase

Not only is the antelope or sheep running (they are generally pictured standing still), but it also seems to be reacting to a person in motion.

I'm attracted to animal artwork that suggests the animalness of it all.

Typical scene of antelope or sheep.

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