Dinosaur track

Remembering Red Fleet
and the Dinosaur Trackway,
part 1

  In the morning I generally read news online, and for the most part, it is all very far away. However, one morning I came across an item concerning the dinosaur trackway at Red Fleet, Utah: Some Boy Scouts ripped up and threw the stone tracks into the adjacent reservoir.

I was at Red Fleet the previous year.

What makes the crime particularly sad is not only that the trackway is (or was) in a beautiful area open to all but also that something so unique which lasted for so many millions of years could be marred by a few young idiots.

Early in spring 2000, while driving south on 191 en route to Vernal, Sue and I turned off the road to go to the Red Fleet State Park. North of the park was a footpath to a dinosaur trackway, and whereas I've seen dinosaur tracks in various museums, I had never seen a trackway in the open air. After bumping down a gravel road, we arrived at a well-marked trailhead.

Trailhead for Red Fleet

  What I didn't expect was a beautiful and easy trail about a mile something in length, during which one had views of flowers and incredible rock formations.
Cactus flowers

There isn't an easy way to describe all the different rock formations in Utah. Photos do a better job than explanations do.
Rock formation

  Onto the trackway!

Red Fleet, part 2

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