One day I drove to Dinosaur National Monument, some 200,000 acres of park set in northeastern Utah (and extending somewhat into Colorado too), in order to see its "wall," from which it takes its name.

A few hundred photographs later and I realized that while the wall is something else, the monument has much else to write pages about. Thus far, this set includes:

dnm First, there's the museum itself, which is built over a fossil bed.

juniper Then a collection of juniper which delights the eye.

a tile Included, too, is a selection of free tiles, all from photographs taken in Dinosaur National Monument.

Cottontail Named "The Sound of Silence," it's a walk in the park.

And here is a new addition (as of April 2009), of a 2000 encounter when snake and snake petroglyph met up: either photos alone or a photo plus video.

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