Utah Field House of Natural History (Vernal, Utah)
part 1: the museum

  Vernal is the most convenient city from which to visit Dinosaur National Monument; Vernal also has a small but splendid natural history museum: the Utah Field House. Moreover, the museum is one of the easiest places to find. On route 40 passing through the center of town, from the northern side of the road, three dinosaurs overlook the street.
Dinosaur welcome committee

The main hall of the museum is dominated by a huge skeleton of Diplodocus carnegiei, the sauropod named after Andrew Carnegie. So delighted with such a large dinosaur named after him, Carnegie had several full-size duplicates made (in the early 20th century) and sent around the world. The Utah Field Museum eventually obtained the original molds of Diplodocus and made its own cast.
Diplodocus carnegiei

  There are several smaller rooms off the main hall which include exhibits of other fossils, minerals, petroglyphs, and prehistory, but the main pleasure lies outside in its Dinosaur Garden.

Utah Field House: the garden

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