The Textures of Silence

The "Sound of Silence" is the name of one of the walks in Dinosaur National Monument, and it isn't my intent to duplicate the description. The booklet is well done and very informative and costs all of 50 cents. If you miss the booklet at the park center, it is also available (via the honor system) at the start of the trail.

From the start of the trail.

So what will I describe of this, my first desert walk. Well, what amazed me more than anything else were the textures to be seen. Wind and water has played with the landscape as much as any sculptor could do. Hopefully, my photographs will capture some of the mood . . . and perhaps my descriptions will lead in that direction. Hopefully anyway.

Swirls of color and rock are soon revealed.

Although the photographs follow the course of the trail, I did cheat in a couple of instances so that the following subject headings make more sense.
The Textures of Silence
Cliffs Naming Gardens
Infinity Splashing Leafy farewell

And here is a pictorial postscript, from a second walk on the trail which Sue and I took in May 1999.

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