Pussy Willow Catkins, Spring 2003

  Spring at Saddle Rock, Long Island, is somewhat later this year than it was the last. By mid-March 2002, the forsythias were beginning to open. Not so this year. However, one neighbor planted crocus bulbs last year, and they are truly the first flower of this spring.

Nevertheless, to the pussy willows go the first honor of spring beauty.

Pussy willow catkins
  In addition to the the pussy willows, other types of willow are becoming more and more active. Some of the willow branches seem to be turning greenish, and others are becoming a bright yellow orange. The branches of the pussy willow don't seem to be changing color; it's enough for the catkins themselves to look glorious.
Pussy willow catkins
  Photo note: The upper photo was taken in the last week of March 2003 with a Pentax LX and the Voigtlander 125mm macro lens; the second photo was taken with an LX and the SMC 85mm soft-focus lens. The latter can preserve detail while adding a unique glow all its own.

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