First Flowers Macros, Spring 2002

  These photos were taken around Saddle Rock, Long Island, during the third week of March. The winter being particularly warm, both trees and bushes readied their buds truly early this year.

Whereas most of the forsythias were waiting patiently together, two little flowers simply had to open. The remaining buds should be near simultaneous with one another.

  Far ahead of the forsythias, the pussy willows were already well advanced, making them about the earliest flowering tree/bush, if you can call its "flower" a real flower. There's something prehistoric about pussy willows.
Pussy willow
  In various places along the lawn, small purple flowers in ones and twos dotted the newly growing grass. I have no idea what these flowers are, except they seem to be the first fully developed ground flower of the spring.
Purple flower
  Long after Sue cleared our flower pots, a miniature pansy sprang back to life around December. During the frequent intervals of warm weather, I watered it. By January, however, after a few very cold days, I thought the frost finally did it in. But no. By the beginning of March the pansy became as healthy as ever, and has now produced its first spring flower.
Miniature pansy

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