and Tiny Scoiattolo Jr.
January 6, 2013


Winter and snow bring their own challenges to little animals, but Tiny Scoiattolo Jr. (aka Spot) has adapted well to snowy conditions.

But the immediate question is, How did she come to have a snow nose?

Spot with snow nose

Well, to backtrack a little bit, Tiny enjoys almonds. But for each almond she eats, Tiny insists on burying another. The first question though is surveying the landscape for a proper place.
Spot contemplating snow

This looks about right (and note the telltale "spot" on her left shoulder).
Spot pausing in the snow

And once that place is found, the action involves digging as well as burying.
Spot digging

A few final taps seals the successful almond burial.
Spot patting down

But . . . the real reason Tiny had snow on her nose did not come from burying but from eating snow.
Spot eating snow

Friendly snow on a tree is a remarkable good water source for little animals as well as birds.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K20D, with the SMC-DA 60-250mm lens, for these photos, which were taken on 2 January 2013.  

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