Squirrel Appreciation Day 2012
and Tiny Scoiattolo Jr.
January 22, 2012


Yesterday was Squirrel Appreciation Day, and Tiny Scoiattolo Jr. (aka Spot) - as named by by Squirrelmama, a squirrel rehabber, - visited and had her treats.

The twin bushes Sue and I named "Two Trees" are a convenient way to stay out of the snow.

Spot at Two Trees

The large pot (under the balcony) has relatively little snow and is a good place to leave critter food. (Birds like the pot too.)
Spot in pot

After snacking, Spot goes home via the feed tree, although she has to pause to calculate her jumps to avoid snow on the branches.
Spot pausing to calculate her next jump

Yesterday, I didn't notice whether Tiny had any of the almonds (special for Squirrel Appreciation Day); but there was ample proof that she enjoyed the almonds this evening.
Spot enjoyinga pecan

Tiny Scoiattolo Jr. is a remarkable friend.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K20D, with the SMC-DA 55-300mm lens, for these photos, which were taken on 21 January 2012 (on the day itself), with the last photo taken on the following day, the 22d.  

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