In Celebration of
Squirrel Appreciation Day
January 23, 2011


Squirrels are marvelous fun-filled animals, and I've photos of different squirrels throughout my site, from chipmunks and the golden-mantled ground squirrel to the magnificent fox squirrel.

Squirrels are a celebration of life, every day, as the frolicking youngster below shows.

Gray squirrel flying

On January 21, the official Squirrel Appreciation Day, Sue and I extended the usual treat of peanuts, sunflower seeds, and bread to include almonds.

The gray squirrels came jumping for the almonds.

Gray squirrel jumping

Also on the 21st, a favorite squirrel came visiting: Tiny Scoiattolo Jr. who I've been photographing since 2007.

One of her characteristic poses is to attach herself to the screen by the living room sliding door (and it is worthwhile noting that she has never left a mark on the screen).

Tiny on the screen

Tiny also takes advantage of "Two Trees," a pair of small bushes that have grown over the years to become a convenient route to the main tree, nicknamed "Feed Tree," since it supports our bird and squirrel feeders.
Tiny on Two Trees

Descending for more nuts, Tiny is ever graceful.
Tiny descending Two Trees

Tiny also has a tiny spot over her left shoulder (and hence her nickname "Spot").
Tiny ready to choose a snack

You can just make out Spot's spot in the above photo.

Let's hear it for Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Photo note: I used a Pentax K20D, with the SMC-DA 55-300mm lens, for these photos, for which the first was taken on 17 January 2011 and the remainder on 21 January 2011, on Squirrel Appreciation Day.  

A squirrel with personality: Tiny Scoiattolo Jr., and Dashing through the snow

Gray squirrel accident and recovery

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