Dashing through the Snow
A Gray Squirrel Goes for Gold
February 7, 2010


Yesterday's snowstorm threw 14 inches of snow onto State College. Consequently, there weren't many little mammals by our feed area. But one brave squirrel sighted his golden goal from the bushes that border the game land and Cooper's Pond, where we live.

Does the squirrel risk going across the deep snow?

Yes, he does!

Gray squirrel sighting his goal

The gray squirrel jumps into and leaps out of the snow.
Gray squirrel dashing thru snow
And dashes across . . .
Gray squirrel dashing thru snow
. . . until he reaches the safety of the "feeder" tree. There, most of the snow immediately falls off him.
Gray squirrel - made it

Then it was only a quick scatter along the tree trunk until the gray squirrel reaches his golden goal, an ear of corn.
Gray squirrel at gold

And let me tell you: The squirrel stayed until he finished all the corn kernels. He deserved them.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K20D, with the SMC-DA 55-300mm lens, for these photos, which were taken today, February 6, 2010.  

A squirrel with personality: Tiny Scoiattolo Jr.

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