A viking ship revisited
The Danish merchant on cruise  

Only 5 years or so have gone by since I first began working on a 3D design for a viking ship. . . . And in terms of software, whatever hasn't been upgraded is completely new. Consequently, my original work on the hull is somewhat dated, but nevertheless, I finally added (in 1997) some decking, ribs, and other odds and ends. And sent the ship on a little cruise, of which the following is a still.
Viking ship in mist
Naturally, there's much more that can be done with the ship: rigging, steering oar, cargo, and even a crew. However, considering the small dimensions to save on file size (240 by 180 for the avi (and 160 by 120 for the Quicktime 2) versus 3 seconds of playtime), it's amazing how much detail is lost.

But perhaps I can string together a number of episodes to create a story . . .

In the meantime, following are the viewing options per browser and computer:

PC, 184K (avi) Quicktime 4, 183K
Net 3.x or IE PC or Mac
Note: Quicktime 4 works for either Mac or PC. Someone must have made a mistake somewhere.

Note 2: The background tile is based on a picture drawn by May Lis, who captured the spirit of the ancient rock paintings of Norway.

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