A 3D Allosaur via Amorphium

So there is this new 3D sculpting and painting application in town, Amorphium, and it seems to have won a ton of awards.


Mind, there are areas that it is weak in, such as in terms of painting, one cannot simply darken or lighten a color too easily. However, the very fact that one can paint directly on an object is a minor miracle in itself.

To date, one generally needs an application to sculpt and an application to paint. Some programs that I use a great deal, such as Ray Dream Studio, allow "painting," but it is a study in frustration. One can really paint directly on a shape made in Amorphium.

And what shapes! There appears to be a limitless number of odd forms that one can sculpt with straightforward ease. Such as the Allosaur skull below, which stems from a photo I took in the museum at Dinosaur National Monument.

Allosaur skull

And if you have any doubts whatsoever about its three-dimensional aspects, check out the small (for a video) 120K Quicktime video.

Amorphium should hopefully inspire the other 3d applications to try a little harder.

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