Moonscapes 8
21 Feb. 2020

  It's been a few years since I've last put any nighttime photos online, so I figure these photos are due.

My first term for such photos was "moonscape," although these were all taken before the moon had risen; however, since I've been calling the series moonscapes, I'll continue to do so.

The first is the joy of a twisty-turny trail and a sky full of stars.

Twisting trail with stars
  My favorite composition would include snow, but here trees bedecked with stars appeals to me.
Trees decorated with stars
  Astronomical sunset was over an hour ago at the time of the following photo, but the lingering light of the sun is obvious, as is the beauty of a bright Venus dominating the sky.
Venus setting
  Winter 2019-2020 has seen very little snow, which is a disappointment to me, since snow brings out the middle ground and helps a composition. Of course, I hope there may yet be a snowstorm before the end of winter, but the odds are looking very much against it.

Camera note: I used a Pentax K3, with the SMC-A f2.8 20mm lens, for these photos, from 20 January 2010.

Earlier moonscapes (2016)

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